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Future leaders only

Published on Friday, 01 Jul 2011

Stanford Senior Executive Programme
Stanford Rock Centre

The Stanford Senior Executive Programme is designed to help top executives identify and understand critical topics in the success and failure of corporate activities.

It is offered by Stanford Rock Centre, a joint initiative of Stanford Law School and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

"The course will help prepare executives to assume greater leadership roles within the enterprise or transition to broader roles within the organisation," says programme director Tony Hui, adding that, to provide an exceptional experience of peer learning, participants are carefully chosen based on their credentials and potential to contribute meaningfully to the class.

Topics include understanding the influence of institutional investors, leading the growth of a firm through effective human network, navigating through financial crisis and the possible double-dip recession, and practising the best corporate governance standards under tighter regulatory scrutiny.

The course is taught by world-class faculty members from Stanford University and industry leaders from companies such as Goldman Sachs, KKR and McKinsey.

Students meet every two months for four days of intensive lecture from Thursday to Sunday.

The programme takes nine months to complete. Application deadline is at the end of July.

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