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Game hones business executive skills

Published on Friday, 12 Aug 2011
Russell Morris (left) and Raymond Fung.
Photo: May Tse

The winning team of the Hong Kong Management Game 2011 showed great team spirit and excellent decision-making skills, says Russell Morris, the game's designer.

"The team members engaged in a lot of discussion and weighed each other's views. They have achieved professional quality work," says Morris, who also processed all the decisions made by the finalist teams.

The finalist teams all had good work ethics. They were constantly under time constraint, and had to make a lot of decisions by analysing a great amount of data.

The management game helps participants hone their business skills and pick up new skills along the way.

"While formal business education tends to be theoretical, we strive to be more practical," Morris explains.

"We create a risk-free simulated situation in which the participants learn to be responsible in managing an enterprise. They learn how to make business decisions and formulate strategies by looking at the big picture and what their competitors do," Morris adds.

Raymond Fung, vice president of Canon Hong Kong's business imaging solution group, says that although many contestants were university students or fresh graduates lacking genuine work experience, some were more innovative and bolder in their approach to management solutions than those who had worked for several years.

"The competition for quality manpower in the local business sector has intensified," Fung says. "That is why Canon supports events such as the management game that is designed to enhance business executive skills."

Canon is aware of the benefits of supporting the game.

"This is an opportunity for us to identify the right talent for our company," Fung says. "I am definitely interested in meeting with some of the contestants who can be good candidates for some positions at our company."

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