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Gammon Construction grabbed the Grand Award at the HKIHRM Excellence Awards 2014

Ever since Gammon Construction first began to play a role in shaping Hong Kong’s skyline more than half a century ago, the company has been helping to promote and strengthen professionalism in the construction industry.

A prime example is Gammon’s collaboration with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and various subcontractors and industry organisations to offer the Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme (CCTS), which aims to attract, train and retain new talent in Hong Kong’s construction industry. 

Gammon’s contribution to the CCTS earned the company the Grand Award of the Year and the Excellent Business Partner Award at last year’s HKIHRM HR Excellence Awards. Winnie Ho, the firm’s senior human resources manager of learning and development, says taking part in the awards programme was a major opportunity to share and learn about HR best practices.

“Winning the Grand Award has provided a lot of motivation to encourage us to work even harder,” Ho says, adding that entries in the awards must demonstrate measurable benefits that align with objectives or overcome challenges. “Before entering the awards, it is important to think through the process and aims, and decide if the HR initiative fits with the awards category and judging criteria.”

Ho says taking part in last year’s awards was not only rewarding and motivating for the company and Gammon’s team of HR professionals, but it was also an opportunity to demonstrate how its HR initiatives are making a positive contribution to Hong Kong’s construction industry. 

At a time when Hong Kong’s construction industry is facing a persistent labour shortage, Ho says Gammon was able to show how innovative partnerships and creativity can provide solutions to a major HR challenge. Gammon’s hands-on involvement with the CCTS programme includes providing a wide range of training programmes for different trades, working with subcontractors to provide on-site training, and providing administrative and technical support.

“Our involvement with the CCTS is successful because it receives strong support and concerted efforts from our senior management, business units, project leaders and our various stakeholders,” she explains.