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Generation Y can assess opportunities

Published on Friday, 28 Jan 2011
Photo: Reuters

For Standard Chartered Bank, the CPA Australia Career Expo is not only a good way to keep a finger on the pulse of the graduate market, it is also a prime opportunity to promote brand awareness and its graduate programmes.

"It is important for us to always be learning about what Generation Y members like and what motivates them. It also helps us understand what kind of opportunities they are looking for in the short and long-term and what their expectations are," says Edward Hayes, Standard Chartered's regional head for talent acquisition in northeast Asia. He says the expo allows representatives to talk to potential recruits in a relaxed environment. It is also an ideal opportunity for attendees to learn more about the bank and its graduate programmes and to raise questions they may not think to ask during a formal interview.

Hayes says young people who join the graduate programme receive extensive support from a graduate sponsor as they progress through a process structured to develop academic and technical skills. Recruits attend a one-week residential workshop in Malaysia where they interact with the banking group's senior managers.

As a result of participating in the previous CPA Australia Career Expo, Hayes says more graduates from Australia have applied to join the bank's graduation programmes. "We are happy with the increased audience, exposure and diversity of the applicant pool," he says.

For example, candidates with accounting and finance experience whom the bank's representatives met last year were offered career opportunities outside the graduate programme.

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