Career Advice OSC MBA Charity Challenge

Getting to know the MBA teams- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Q1. Can you tell me more about your team?

#mUSTbeMERRY is a group of full time MBA students from HKUST. We are from all over the world including India, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and of course right here in HK. Despite our different backgrounds, we are all passionate about one thing: giving back to the community, which is why we all jumped at the opportunity to participate in the OSC Challenge!

Q2. What will you do for Operation Santa Claus in the coming weeks?

We will be holding a fundraising campaign surrounding the idea of mobilising the community to help save Santa Inc. (in this time of slow economy and rising costs) through the “IPO” and sale of “Santa Stocks”. Our weekly marketing pushes will highlight various beneficiaries while updating and promoting our campaign. 

Q3. How will you use your MBA knowledge in the Challenge? 

We will be using our past experience as well as current learnings from the MBA curriculum to manage the project, budget, and marketing campaigns. We also hope to tap into our vast MBA network to gain support and donations. 

Q4. What is your fundraising target?

No less than HK$150,000, but the more the merrier!