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A global dimension

Published on Friday, 20 Aug 2010
Photo: Bloomberg

Hong Kong's economy relies heavily on the service industry and these businesses are often involved with international clients. In order to give local students a knowledge of the global economy, City University offers a master of arts degree in global business management.

According to programme director Dr Reuben Mondejar, the course aims to equip students with skills to stay abreast of trends in global trade and commerce.

"Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be competent in the global dimensions of key business functions, especially in how to have an integrated understanding of finance, economics, geopolitics and, most importantly, their roles as managers across cultural boundaries," he says.

Unlike an MBA degree, the programme is specialised, and provides a solid grounding in global business management with multinational strategies.

The course is suitable for professionals looking to take their careers into new directions.

"We have students who are looking to expand their business in an existing field, or trying venture into a new field. There are also students who want to prepare for high-level jobs in their companies," Mondejar says. "Some are responsible for handling international business, but have not received formal training. They want to consolidate their business experience with [academic] theories."

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree with second-class honours, and at least two years of work experience. Those with more than three years of managerial experience in international business, or two years of managerial experience with a first degree in business or a related discipline, will have an advantage.

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