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Going green is creating demand for carbon auditors

Published on Thursday, 20 Jan 2011
Companies can reduce their carbon footprint by making use of LED lighting
Photo: Dickson Lee

An increasing number of companies are looking for carbon auditors to calculate, manage and reduce carbon-emission levels.

Shan Lam Shan-shan of Carbon Care Asia, a Hong Kong-based carbon-management consultancy, says going green is creating demand for carbon auditors.

She says: "We have clients from all kinds of business, including banking and finance, hospitality, construction and [entertainment]. On the mainland, we work with many factories." Lam says that carbon auditors are usually employed by carbon-management consultancies and environmental engineering firms, while large organisations, such as airports and real estate management companies, also recruit professionals into their sustainability departments.

Carbon auditors assess the amount of carbon a company produces, and then recommend ways to minimise it. "We [may] advise clients to use LED lighting, which is more environmentally friendly, or modify the structure of the building," Lam says.

A carbon auditor requires a degree in environmental studies or an engineering discipline. They also need to attend a one-week training course (about HK$11,000) at the Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch) and Certified Carbon Audit Professional and obtain a carbon auditing certificate.

A new carbon auditor performs site inspections, calculates carbon emissions and earns over HK$10,000.

After two or three years they can be promoted to carbon consultant, earning HK$20,000. Senior carbon consultants with more than 10 years of experience make more than HK$30,000.

Footprints to follow

  • Attention to detail
  • Good language and communication skills
  • Can think out of the box
  • Be prepared to work in a hostile environment during site inspections

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