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Grit and determination rewarded with victory

Published on Friday, 07 Sep 2012
Tony Wong credits his quick decision-making ability for his win.
Photo: David Wong

Sheer perseverance and determination powered Tony Wong Luen-tung – this year’s champion of the Hong Kong Management Game – through the fiercely competitive final round of the business simulation competition.

A repeat contestant, Wong displayed a good sense of humour when asked why he had competed in the game several times. “I was attracted by the cash prize,” he said.

This seemingly relaxed demeanour, however, masked his determination to take home the championship. Wong was second runner-up last year.

His win is all the more remarkable because he had to compete in the final as a oneman enterprise. His two teammates, who had participated in the earlier rounds, could not make the final due to business commitments.

As a result, the assistant CFO of a publicly listed company had no teammates to share the workload and stress. However, Wong thinks there is an advantage in being the sole decision-maker in the finals.

“I could make decisions more efficiently than the other teams. My professional background in accounting helped me make a thorough analysis of the case, and other elements, before making the decisions,” he said.

The highly competitive atmosphere and time constraints in the final round made him feel nervous from time to time, he said. “It helped that I remained consistent in my business strategy,” he said.

The game provided a realistic setting for Wong to practise his decision-making skills in areas outside accounting.

“It gave me the opportunity to explore and experience other areas as well as the full management of a commercial enterprise. This is also the part that I enjoyed the most,” he said.

He added that to stand a chance of winning, contestants must have a thorough understanding of the game rules and sound knowledge of financial statements.


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