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Helping students find the right study pathway

Published on Thursday, 26 Jul 2012
Edward Miu
Photo: IDP

Edward Miu, senior education consultant at IDP, an international-education specialist, sought help from the company when he was preparing to further his education in Australia. In the process, Miu tells Wong Yat-hei, he became fascinated with the work that the organisation did and after graduating he joined IDP as an education consultant.
What is your academic background?
I graduated from Monash University in Australia.
How do you start your day?
I begin with a big breakfast to give myself energy. Then, due to the time difference between Hong Kong and overseas universities, the first task every day is checking and replying to e-mails. I will then call students to update them about the status of their school applications.
What does your job entail?
I need to provide professional advice and programme information to students and parents in order to help them find the most suitable overseas study pathway. I also handle incoming inquiries and participate in marketing events such as exhibitions, seminars, interview sessions and school visits.

What are the major challenges?
My major goal and challenge is to help my students to be “better placed”. Sometimes we need to have long meetings to understand students’ characters and study needs, together with the expectations of their parents.

As there are so many choices of institutions and subjects available, one of my tasks is explaining the differences and advantages of programmes offered by different institutions.

What are your future plans?
I aim to further develop myself as the UK study expert in the organisation. I will do this by providing professional advice to students and by arranging ongoing training to other education consultants in the organisation.

What’s your advice for those interested in joining the industry?
You must have patience and be a good listener to understand the needs of students and their parents. You should also have good communication skills and enjoy meeting young people.

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