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HKICPA Career Forum 2016: Stepping stone to success

Published on Saturday, 01 Oct 2016
Eric Tong, HKICPA vice-president and convener of the forum advisory panel. Photo: HKICPA

As accounting roles and responsibilities diverge in response to the shifting global economy, the best way to keep track of opportunities and trends is by attending the annual HKICPA Career Forum, says Eric Tong, vice-president of the HKICPA and convener of the forum advisory panel.

“These days, the term ‘accounting professional’ hardly does justice to the range of disciplines that CPAs are involved in,” says Tong, who is also a partner at the Big Four firm Deloitte.

Tong says that this year’s forum theme – “Passport to Business” – emphasises the different ways in which becoming a qualified CPA can be a solid stepping stone to many different career paths, with contemporary CPAs having the opportunity to go beyond auditing and financial reporting positions to take on leadership and senior management roles.

“We want to offer perspectives that illustrate how qualified CPAs assist businesses with corporate strategy, provide advice, and act as key pillars in organisations of all sizes helping to create and sustain value and growth,” he says.

Tong is keen to explain that individuals attending the forum will discover more about the disciplines, career options and pathways to becoming a qualified CPA than they can by surfing the web.

For instance, during lunch, participants can talk to qualified practising CPAs and young professionals at various stages of their career.

In addition, the line-up of prominent speakers features individuals who have used their CPA knowledge and experience to achieve success in the world of business.

“By attending the career forum, young people, including those in their first year at university, have the chance to learn new perspectives and gain information they can use to shape their career options,” Tong says.

For some attendees, the most valuable opportunity at the forum will be the chance to extend their network.

“With so many opportunities emerging and changes taking place in the accounting profession, the career forum is a golden opportunity to meet and establish face-to-face connections with CPAs, recruitment professionals and business executives.”

This article appeared in the Classified Post print edition as Stepping stone to success.

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