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HKU looking for 80 academics

Published on Friday, 23 Apr 2010

During the first phase of its centenary recruitment plan, initially unveiled in 2005, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) hired some 110 academic professionals to increase its range of courses and bolster standards. In phase two, which is just starting, there will be a further 80 positions to fill.

"We have two objectives," says Professor Joseph Lee, pro-vice-chancellor and vice-president (staffing) for HKU. "The first is to hire more teaching professionals for the new 3-3-4 education system. The second is to attract new blood to enhance our research strength as we aspire to be a leading university in Asia."

There will be openings in all 10 faculties. Applicants should have a good academic record in their respective fields, be active in research, and be passionate about sharing their knowledge with students.

HKU has five strategic research areas - biomedical engineering, cancer, development and reproduction, healthy ageing, and infection and immunology. "We need new ideas from new blood, and are looking not only for people to teach, but for top scholars doing exciting research," Lee says.

He notes that it is usually more difficult to recruit for disciplines such as business and finance, law and medicine. There is a general shortage of academics focusing on financial topics and, to hire the best, it is necessary to compete with business schools and universities in the United States and Singapore. Academic staff who have worked for the university for two or three years can take sabbatical leave for further study.

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