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Hong Kong Market Insights H2 2018 - Supply Chain & Procurement

Over the past 6 months, Hong Kong saw many positive signs in relation to our macro economy, most noticeably the strong recovery of our retail sector with much improved revenue numbers recorded by nearly all retail businesses. As a result, recruitment activities have increased and employers are willing to invest in human capital.

In addition to that, the growing middle class in China further pushes purchasing power and as a result, many retail brands from around the world flock to Asia to capitalize on this opportunity. Hong Kong and Southern China are amongst the beneficiaries as many of these brands set up regional sourcing, procurement and quality assurance functions locally, leading to an increase in demand for talent with such background and experience.

At a micro level, as consumer behaviour continues to shift, driving more purchases online, this has fuelled the growth of e-commerce regionally, creating new job opportunities in Hong Kong. On the logistics service provider’s side, contract logistics, import/export compliance, last-mile and reverse logistics strategies are functions that are in strong demand.
On the retailer’s side, positive sentiment in the retail sector has prompted higher recruitment activities, especially around job functions such as supply/demand planning, logistics operations as well as roles related to setting up e-commerce supply chain infrastructure. Furthermore, there is a rise in technology companies, many of which are startups, with the aim to disrupt the supply chain industry by offering solutions to improve supply chain processes and create maximum efficiency for full-spectrum logistics strategies. Amongst these technology companies, candidates who possess a strong end-to-end supply chain management experience such as operations and project management will be highly sought after.

Innovation and technology will continue to disrupt the supply chain ecosystem, and impact how businesses are run and how consumers engage and make purchasing decisions. The readiness to adapt and the ability to change will be critical. The function of supply chain, sourcing and procurement will evolve where new opportunities will be created. Job seekers should equip themselves with skills that will help stay relevant to the job market. Employers should plan ahead and ask themselves how technology will impact their human capital and hiring strategies.

Source: Ambition Hong Kong Market Insights H2 2018