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How can I make an unsolicited job application?

Question :

I found on the internet that a company I am really interested to work for is going to establish in Hong Kong soon. As far as I know, they have not started recruitment yet. Should I approach them to express my interest now? If yes, how should I do it and who should I approach?


Posted by William on Saturday, 15 Jun 2013

Comments :

Debbie Matson - Career Doctor

Posted Monday 8th July 2013 06:07:00 PM


Dear William Contacting your target company on news of its pending move to Hong Kong is a great idea. Among the biggest challenges facing companies setting up business in a new city are location and staffing. Identifying the right people for the new business is difficult. Companies may not understand the dynamics of the market or be able to sort among possible candidates. By reaching out yourself and identifying your interest, you will stand out and show that you are motivated, proactive and interested. All traits the employer will be seeking. How to reach out? There are many ways, you should try them all. Where did you hear about the company’s plans? Who was cited in the article? I would first make contact with that person. They are probably either senior in the company or closely involved in the planning process. You may find their contact details online through the company website, you can try and connect through Linkedin and you should search for possible other references to this company and see if names and contact points are listed there. Once you have identified a few contacts including possibly the Head of International Operations, Head of Sales, Director of Human Resources, send an email introducing yourself and attaching your CV. Outline briefly how you learned about the potential opportunity, your interest in the company and possibly add where you see yourself adding value. Follow up within 24 hours with a polite telephone call asking for a time to meet by phone or in person. If you get the meeting scheduled, be prepared to discuss the company’s opportunities in the market. Try and understand more about their plans and give more thought to where you might be most valuable. If this part of the plan fails to get you connected, do not give up hope. Next step is to evaluate your friends and contacts. Do you know someone in the company? Can they recommend you? Often companies pay referral bonuses to employers for referring a new employee. Your friend may be willing and able to help network you into the right department. Also, think about people you know who have similar jobs in similar industries to your target. They also may be good contact points and able to help connect you to someone in the company. Other options can include looking online at the company’s website and see if they are advertising jobs in the new entity in Hong Kong. You can apply online. Another option is to interview with one or two recruitment firms who seem to be experienced in your industry. They may already be working on hiring for this company. If not, they may be willing to submit your CV to the client in the hopes of developing a relationship. It could be a win-win situation. No matter how you eventually make contact, I admire your motivation and enthusiasm. As part of a startup branch of a company you will gain great experience and probably have contact with senior management. In the long term your career will benefit from this experience. Let us know what happens and Good Luck!

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