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How may I apply to firms directly?

Question :

Dear Doctors,  

Thanks a lot for the advice.

How may I apply to firms directly?

I tried to call by searching companies from website, but usually they don't get me to the HR manager if I don't have the specific name. Even if I have the name of the managing partner of an accounting firm and I know his details by searching the company website, Youtube and also the Classifiedpost career center, I don’t really have a direct/close connection with him.  When I asked if I could talk to him please, the general phone operator refused to transfer me to him. I did manage to make her note down my email and asked how may I follow up the process. She only said as long as I emailed the company HR email is fine. That’s general the difficulty I have when I call firms directly. So how may I do it better please?

I also think about walk in and knock on the doors, but in that case, would HK firms accept such a way of job application? Would they just keep me out of the door or how may I do it please? 

Your time and thoughts are much appreciated.

Posted by DirectApply on Friday, 26 Jul 2013

Comments :

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 7th August 2013 12:30:00 AM


The chance of getting direct access to the HR manager or the hiring manger is slim as most of the HR departments are being organized by functions with division of work etc. Instead of answering your question on how to get you in front of the hiring manager, I would like to offer you a strategy on how to get yourself hired. First – Get prepared; why would people want to see you? Put yourself into the shoes of the hiring manager, does she has a sense of urgency to get the position filled? Answer the three questions: Can I do the job better than others? Will I love it because of the passion I have towards the nature of the job? Will I like to work for my supervisor, knowing that effective leadership is key to an organization’s sustainability? Before you can answer these questions, there are a lot of preparation work you must do. In other words, even if you are successful to see the hiring manager, you would be wasting yours and his time, if you are not able to answer these questions. So be prepared. Second, people don’t like being cold called. In order to connect with the hiring manager directly, you must get a warm referral. For example, if the hiring manager is a Chief Information Officer, you would be able to find him in the internet/social media, he may belong to one of the interest groups or professional associations. You need to view his connections to see if you know some mutual contacts, then from there on, get a referral or go to professional/social networking events of the association he belongs. Third, increase your visibility; it is possible that the potential employer shows an interest of your background because you are visible on their radar and they could contact you directly. Positioning yourself is about connecting your value with the employer. A good way of gaining visibility is through various media exposure. Are you able to plan your personal PR strategy so that your name appears through various on line search engines? I hope that this has helped put you in a state of confidence. Once you are prepared, and do the right things, sooner or later, opportunities will emerge. And you need to be ready to act. Good luck. Sidney

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