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How to land a top job in Hong Kong after Chinese New Year 2016

Published on Saturday, 30 Jan 2016

For most people, the new year signals a fresh start and an opportunity to take stock of their career. Around this time of year, many who are no longer satisfied in their current role make the decision to look for a new job. 

If you’re one of these people, it’s important to bear a few things in mind when taking the leap.

To land a top job this new year, target only suitable positions. Employers become impatient with candidates who apply for a role that they are not suitable for. It is important to be realistic in the roles you apply for, and clearly demonstrate your suitability based upon your experience.

Promote yourself. You need to go beyond your comfort zone on social media to get ahead in 2016. A LinkedIn account will not be enough if you are not active on the platform – so engage, post, share and comment on relevant content, ask for endorsements, join relevant groups, and showcase your work and achievements.

Be open to temporary positions. Expect the number of contract and temporary assignments to continually increase. With employers looking for flexible headcounts and jobseekers looking to gain experience fast, freelancing is an option worth bearing in mind.

Learn to cope with rejection. Whilst highly skilled candidates are in demand, that doesn’t mean employers will jump at the first person they find. As well as technical skills, you need to have a suitable industry background and be a cultural fit. This means it could take a few interviews before you find the right role. Until then, don’t take rejection personally.

This article appeared in the Classified Post print edition as Taking new leaps.

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