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HR at the Crossroads

In a world increasingly defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), for organisations to remain competitive and sustainable, human resources and talent management issues matter more than ever.

To respond to these modern realities, recognised as one of the most important people management events in Asia, the two-day Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) Annual Conference and Exhibition, presented under the theme: “HR at the Crossroads: Disruptive Innovation • Workforce Dynamics”, will take place on 26 and 27 November, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With an expanding menu of responsibilities and challenges on the majority of HR practitioners’ agendas, Ian Choy and Teddy Liu, co-chairpersons of the 2019 Annual Conference Organising Committee believe the theme of this year’s programme will enable HR professionals to gain valuable insights into the role the HR function needs to play in the future world of work. Designed to cover a wide range of topics and interests to help multigenerational HR practitioners remain at the forefront of industry change in the digital age, the HKIHRM’s flagship conference and exhibition will provide a strategic opportunity for HR practitioners to learn from, and network with, industry leaders, innovators and like-minded professionals. With a strong emphasis on mission-critical content and examples of HR best practices, the event will feature a line-up of more than 40 overseas and local high-profile experts including CEOs and senior executives of local and international companies, distinguished HR experts, renowned talent leaders and best practice influencers.

Coming from diverse industry backgrounds, influential speakers will detail what the future of work may look like from different perspectives and how they are aligning their talent management practices with strategic business objectives. At the same time, concurrent sessions and workshops will cover a wide range of topics and challenging aspects that HR professionals frequently encounter. For example, with technology-driven change taking place with ever greater intensity, the Conference and Exhibition will provide a prime opportunity for attendees to interact with their peers to exchange insights with those who face similar challenges and opportunities.

Importantly, the co-chairpersons note, with changing employee expectations taking place alongside the rapid rise of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence — the fundamental hallmarks of workplace disruption — the Conference and Exhibition will shine a spotlight on hot-topic issues which are currently at the forefront of HR practitioner’s concerns and professional interests. For example, young HR Forum is a new initiative this year which will feature HR professionals in the early stages of their careers. The forum is designated to bring in insights from an even more comprehensive and multigenerational angle. During the forum, young HR professionals working in different industries will share their experiences and aspirations and provide useful tips and insights for younger conference attendees who are following in their footsteps. Recognising the importance of networking opportunities and how they are valued by the Conference and Exhibition attendees, on both days of the event, additional time will be allocated to allow for more and longer networking breaks.

Describing the Conference and Exhibition as a “platform for building awareness”, Choy says presentations made by keynote speakers, panel sessions and plenary speeches would provide attendees with valuable insights and perceptions relating to evolving “world of work trends”. In addition, attendees will be able to harvest useful takeaway ideas which with suitable adaptation can be applied to their own needs and situations. “The conference is a good opportunity for the HR community to explore the wide range of influences impacting the profession,” says Choy.

The co-chairpersons also point out that through the Conference and Exhibition, the Institute aims to create value and understanding of pertinent issues relevant to HR practitioners and the organisations they work for. Choy says the Organising Committee has made a point of inviting speakers from outside the HR profession to explain what they need and expect from the HR function. “These different perspectives reinforce how the HR function has multiple touchpoints across an organisation and needs to work hand-in-hand with different teams to achieve strategic objectives,” he says.

At a time when the responsibilities of HR professionals are becoming more strategic, the co-chairpersons highlight how the Conference and Exhibition will provide useful insights, personal development tips and actionable takeaways regardless of the industry HR practitioners work in or their position within the HR function. For instance, whether the challenge is helping their organisation to move from traditional, rigid systems to become an agile organisation, designing specific programmes and strategies to ensure an engaged workforce, or redefining talent management arrangements to achieve business goals, the Conference and Exhibition will provide actionable insights.

Evident by the way that automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing how the traditional concept of work is both perceived and conducted, Liu says the future of work is no longer a science-fiction-like concept of tomorrow, but instead, a disrupting reality of today. As a result, as the nature of work changes, the role of the HR function also needs to radically evolve beyond its traditional functions. “In fact, the HR function is no longer vested with HR professionals only, but rather with all people who have to deploy teams and work with peers in order to create value for customers, particularly in this era of ‘startups’, where young entrepreneurs have to acquire HR competence which is necessary for managing their new venture through the collective effort of their teams,” Liu adds. At the same time, as younger members of the workforce look to take more control over their career destinies, he foresees the role of the HR function becoming increasingly orientated towards coaching, advising and facilitating the needs of employees and their employers in ways that align with the business needs and objectives of the organisations they work for.

With the world of work changing, and changing fast, the co-chairpersons suggest by attending the HKIHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition, attendees will be able to gain a deep understanding of what the future of work looks like.


HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019


HR at the Crossroads: Disruptive Innovation.Workforce Dynamics


26 – 27 November 2019


9:00am – 6:00pm


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Early bird ends on 10 October. Register Now for Tickets: