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Impressed by quality of career options

Published on Saturday, 01 Nov 2014
Stefan Tam

Stefan Tam, who recently graduated with a marketing and management degree from Hull University in the UK, had been to two other career forums before attending the Classified Post Career Forum.

The diversity and profile of the companies at the forum impressed him, he explained. "There are many big companies from the banking, finance and various other industries. I am glad to say I was able to pick up a lot of useful information about the job market by visiting the booths," he said.

After speaking to various employers, Tam has his eyes set on a policy service adviser position offered by Bupa Health Insurance. "The staff at the booth were really helpful. They provided a lot of information about the company and the job. I will definitely consider the offer seriously," he said.

Unlike many visitors to the forum who are looking for management trainee jobs, Tam said he preferred job experience instead of a job that focuses on training. "I prefer to have some working experience before I apply for an MT programme. I am a year ahead of my friends in studies because I did an associate degree and a top-up degree, so I think I can spend some time getting work experience before applying to be a management trainee," he said.

If he were to apply for an MT programme, Tam said the duration has to be at least two years, because he thinks he needs more time to learn about the company. "I took a look at the MT programme offered by New World Development. It is a two-year programme. I think the time is sufficient for me to get to know all the functions of the company," he said.

Speaking on his career plan, Tam said he would prefer to apply for a job at a well-established company and plans to focus on working in e-commerce, while his long-term goal is to one day open his own e-commerce business.

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