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Indecisive boss!!

Question :

My boss is always indecisive and easily swayed. One day he wants this and the next day it’s something else which makes it very difficult for our team to work efficiently. It’s hard to prioritise tasks and we don’t know if all the effort we put into the project will come into fruition as at the drop of a hat he could change his mind and postpone the project indefinitely. We’ve all tried to talking to him about it but nothing has improved. We’re all overworked, everyone feels demotivated and it’s really an ineffective workplace. Should I quit and look for a new job? Or do you have any tips for us?

Posted by Otto on Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Comments :

Chew MY

Posted Sunday 23rd June 2013 05:36:00 AM


Leaders that are indecisive are due to they feel insecure and wanting others to follow their commands with the change of decisions in them. Usually these leaders are very emotional. The use of rationalising will not work to buy them to other people ideas. The company is also partly at fault to allow deadwood to helm the company as this will curb fresh energy from new staff joining the company. There is nothing much you can do as these leaders will have the support of the owner of the company. The take is that in the short term, work for the pay and in the long term, get out of the company as fast as you can.

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 12th June 2013 06:39:00 AM


Dear Otto It must be very frustrating for you to work for someone who is indecisive. And the thought of quitting is very tempting. The reality of the work place is that these type of people are everywhere, depending on their personality, background and training. Instead of quitting, I would suggest that you treat this as a challenge and see if you can improve the situation. First of all, let’s understand why people are indecisive and easily swayed. In general, this type of person lacks self-confidence. They tend to look for others’ approval and are risk averse. They are conservative in their outlook and don’t usually trust their instinct. There are 3 strategies that you can use: 1. Be assertive - Pick an incident should it happens again, ask for a meeting to express your concerns and focus on his response that has an impact on your productivity and outcome. Focus on behavior rather than attitude. One effective tool you can use is called SBAR – which stands for Situation awareness, Background, Assessment and Recommendation – google it for a detailed explanation. 2. Just do it – Instead of asking for approval, and if you feel strongly that this is the right thing to do, then do it to achieve the desired outcome. After that, tell him that it is done and since the outcome is positive, he will also look good too in front of his boss. However, this strategy calls for your courage to do the right things. 3. Explore other opportunities inside and outside of the organization – You tried and tried, and your boss is not going to change, then it is the time for you to explore alternatives. If you like to work in the same company, then keep an eye out for other “better” bosses or sharpen your saws for greener pastures. You need to be very careful though in picking your next boss as you don’t want to make the same mistake twice. We spend one third of our life working and we deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Life is too short. Stay positive and don’t worry, be happy. Good luck!

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