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Question :

Hi. I am a recent graduate from a university in Hong Kong. My resume seems to be quite strong but yet I seem to have a low success rate in interviews. Even in interviews where I thought I did well, end up with nothing.

I would like to know if there are recommended interview coaches in Hong Kong? 

It is important that really refine my technique and understand where I am going wrong.


Posted by Sigma on Friday, 21 Dec 2012

Comments :

Sharmini Thomas - Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 10th January 2013 06:36:00 PM


Dear Sigma, I believe your question is very valid and this is a common experience for new graduates in the employment market. Firstly, the good news is that you are getting to the interview stage! Clearly your current resume is working well to get interest – so don’t be disheartened. To give you some perspective, typically less than 15 per cent of applicants for a graduate position get to the first round interview stage. It is a fiercely competitive process as all graduates (who choose not to do a Gap year overseas and travel), are battling it out for the available positions in the market. Remember, it is very likely that everyone who you went through university with is going through the same thing. Interviews are a tricky thing, as there are so many variables at play. For example, how you answer a particular question, the mood of the interviewer on the day, their assessment of your ‘cultural fit’ within the organisation, your tone and delivery, your presentation ….and the list goes on. A critical stage that many people forget is the preparation phase. It’s very important to ensure that you have adequately researched the organisation, role and the person interviewing you – all this information is readily available on the internet. My other advice is just to practice, practice, practice. Use your friends or perhaps a more experienced mentor or contact to ask you example questions that typically feature in graduate interviews and to run you through interview scenarios. Get their feedback and then adapt accordingly. Although interviewing can be a nervous experience for the jobseeker, it helps if you can try and control your nerves and walk into the interview with a positive frame of mind. Most of all; show your personality! Employers want to hire a ‘person’ not a ‘graduate’ to join their organisation. I also encourage you to refer to career resources online and recruitment publications which feature example interview questions and other advice.

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