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Question :

Dear Sir,

I am planning to start my studies at HKU MBA program. I have total of 3.2 years work experience in equity research with HSBC India. Along with this I am CFA and FRM. I have two simple questions:

a) Would I be eligible for Management Associate program in Banks in HK?

b) I do not know mandarin / Cantonese. Under such circumstance will there be any other areas where in I can leverage my work exp in Equity research (all jobs in this profile require knowledge of local language) to find suitable opportunities in HK?

Thanks for reading my query. Looking forward for your response


Posted by Dash on Friday, 15 Feb 2013

Comments :

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Saturday 9th March 2013 12:44:00 AM


Dear Dash From your questions, I assume that you are living in Hong Kong, and are looking for a career opportunity here. First of all, banks and financial service institutions in Hong Kong are hiring regularly and they have been advertising through various media. The best place to look is to search on their web sites and online job boards and also recruitment publications. The banks usually advertise their management associate programs in HK and overseas. They usually require the candidate to be a permanent resident in Hong Kong or have a work visa. If you are interested in the financial service industry, and with your experience in equity research and a qualified CFA and FRM, you should be able to demonstrate your value to your prospective employer. I would suggest that you cast your net a bit wider. For example, in commercial banking there is an opportunity to work in the areas of financial management, auditing/risk management, securities, commodities and sales. There's also an opportunity to work in the area of financial and credit analysis. Without knowing your strengths and orientation, there is a bigger chance for you to enter the sales profession in the financial services industry. The area that you may get into would be the insurance industry. However, you need to get yourself licensed. Once you do so, your career may get you to sell property or casualty insurance and life or health insurance. Alternatively, you may want to go into equity sales in the financial markets and here your equity research experience will come in handy. The other areas you may want to consider is to enter the consultancy industry, some of them specialize in risk management and corporate governance. Having qualifications is one thing, they will be looking for experience, so it is likely that you may join as an associate and work your way up there. Perhaps the biggest challenge selling anything is to ask yourself if you enjoy meeting with people and helping customers. And in your case, it would mean that your target audience would be those who speak English or your native language. Yet, I have met super salespersons in Hong Kong who only speak English. Good luck with your job search and enjoy the fellowship and learning that the HKU MBA program is going to offer. Sidney

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