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Job-hunter aims to impress

Yin Haitao, a City University student from China's Guangxi region, was aiming to impress at the Shadow a CEO Programme interviews in order to be one of the 15 winners. "It will be an unbelievable experience to see a business leader doing their job. I have a keen interest in management and entrepreneurship, so I decided to sign up for the programme," she said.

Another reason why Yin came to the forum is to find a job in HR management. "I am studying for a Master's in Organisation Change and Management. My undergraduate degree is in tourism and management from Guangxi University, so it will be perfect if I can land a hotel HR post. I am glad to see the booths of groups like Marriot and Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts at the forum."

Yin is impressed by the highly sophisticated working system in Hong Kong. "Working experience here will be valuable to my future development," she said. "If I can make it in a fast-paced, demanding place like Hong Kong, I think I can make it anywhere in the world."

Yin would prefer to work in Hong Kong, but will return to the mainland if she cannot find a job matching her talents. "I think it is not difficult for a fresh graduate to find a job in Hong Kong. There are many openings in sales and marketing, but I am not interested in those. If the job offer is not related to what I have learned at school, I would rather go somewhere else," she said.