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Jobless and no direction

Question :

I work in F&B and recently got fired. My boss said I wasn’t a good match with my colleagues. I dunno y i don’t get along with them. Either they are the ones with the problem or i am the one.mostly I kept to myself. I tried to look for another job but so far not successful. It’s difficult especially during the interview. I dunno what to say when ask about why I left. I feel down as dunno if I can fit in and when I can find a place right for me. What are the prospects like for a plain jobseeker like me?

Posted by Peter on Sunday, 16 Sep 2012

Comments :

Christopher Aukland - Career Doctor

Posted Tuesday 2nd October 2012 07:04:00 PM


Without more information about the details surrounding your termination it is difficult to provide comprehensive advice but first of all it’s important to remember that to achieve success, you must be prepared to learn from your experiences and adapt. To assist you with this, it is a good idea to obtain some feedback on your previous experience so if possible ask your former manager to honestly tell you (specifically) why you were let go. It’s also important to be open to this feedback so you can understand the details around where you went wrong and what you need to improve on. Seeking guidance from more experienced ex-colleagues you have worked with in the past can also provide useful information. If you can obtain these insights, learn and draw on them to adapt in your next work environment. Moving forward, when you are applying for new jobs leverage off your strengths and experience and if your background is in F&B, then focus on this area first. However, you need to be realistic about the type of roles you apply for. If for example your role has always been in customer facing positions and these have not worked out for you, ask yourself if that is really what you are good at and enjoy, and think about realistic alternatives you are qualified for. Job satisfaction is very important and you are more likely to be engaged in your job if you’re in a position that challenges and interests you. Therefore, before applying for any role I suggest that you first fully understand the job description, be confident that you can deliver on all the assigned duties and that you are ready to commit one hundred per cent to the job. The interview stage can often be a challenging experience and it is essential that you are honest with all potential employers about the reasons for leaving previous roles. However there is no need to highlight your weaknesses, so always focus on the positive experience you gained and, if relevant, draw attention to positive references you are able to provide from previous employers. The most important thing is to show any potential employer that you have carefully considered the role and organisation and are confident you have the skills to take on the role and it is a company where you want to work. Once you gain employment, as an employee working as part of a team you must consistently demonstrate a positive work attitude as this will help you build more effective relationships with your manager and colleagues. Finally, maintaining a positive attitude will generate respect from employers and colleagues and lead to a happier, more fulfilling career. Good luck!

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