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Published on Friday, 12 Apr 2013
Andrew Au and Jenny Man agree that Fluid’s work culture is highly motivational.
Photo: Dickson Lee

Fluid is moving to hire for its creative insights team

Turning raw data into practical solutions is the bread and butter of many a business-consulting firm. This makes creative minds with a business focus some of the most sought-after talents in the market today.

Fluid, a Hong Kong-based business-consulting firm, approaches client solutions with a combination of research and strategic insights. In a bid to cement its place as one of the industry’s leading firms, its creative insight team is currently searching for several individuals who have a deep understanding of how to turn research findings and analytics into actionable strategies.

“Creativity isn’t easy to find and our business succeeds on the back of the people we hire,” says Andrew Au, managing director of Fluid. “We are always on the lookout for staff that will help us achieve our goal of being an exceptional agency. We like to have a good read on the talent that is available in the marketplace, because to be the best, we have to hire the best.”

The company currently has four openings for a digital director, a digital strategist, a user experience and user interface expert, and a senior developer.

The digital director will be a key member of Fluid’s leadership team and will be responsible for leading and further developing the company’s digital reputation. “Equally as important for the person will be educating and inspiring our clients to do things that push the boundaries,” Au says.

The digital strategist, meanwhile, will be responsible for delivering carefully considered and well-planned digital solutions. “Candidates will need to have a thorough understanding of the digital landscape and the digital tools available, and then be able to map them out in a structured and strategic manner,” Au says.

The user experience and user interface expert will provide digital solutions, while the senior developer will oversee all the coding and technical considerations of digital solutions from a strategic level. “The senior develop will also advise clients on what the most appropriate back-end solutions are for any particular problem,” Au says.

Besides skills and experience, Fluid looks for people who have an attitude and personality that matches the firm. “We have to ask whether a person comes across as a Fluid person,” Au says. “We have a Fluid process and a way of working which extends to the type of people we hire. Our staff are intelligent, ideas people who have a point of view and aren’t afraid to voice it. We want people to question and challenge the status quo.”

According to Au, the working culture at Fluid is laid-back and fun, but ultimately motivational. “Our office has been likened to a Google office. We recognise that our staff spend more time in our studio than at home, so we have gone to great measures to design and create a work environment in which people enjoying spending time,” he says.

“Every month we have social gatherings for staff to relax after work. We also have regular show-and-tell sessions where different members of the team share recent work or interesting insights.”

Fluid encourages its staff to follow trends in the industry closely in order to stay on top of their game. “We regularly send our staff on training seminars and industry events. We also regularly conduct reviews to ensure we are helping our staff hone and develop both their technical and soft skills,” Au says.

Jenny Man, design leader at Fluid, says she chose to join the company because of the working atmosphere and the people. “When I was a student, I interned at the company and it really felt like a place where people are open and extremely motivated to do good work,” she says.

“I am surrounded by people who are excited about their career and the work that they do. I trust everyone that I work with and I rely on them so that I can concentrate on my own roles, whether that’s as a designer or a leader. I also always think you’re happier in a job when you’re good at it, and Fluid certainly takes the time to teach and grow employees to their full potential.”

Man says she also values the fact that the company has exposed her to a number of different business areas.

“The most valuable training I have received at Fluid is the opportunity to explore areas a designer might not always get to explore, such as working on strategic branding, sharing my analytical thoughts with the research team and being involved in client meetings,” she says. “Fluid’s holistic approach allows me to invest time into my weaknesses so that I’m more than just a brand designer, I’m a brand ambassador.”

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