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Judiciary gets new incentives

Published on Thursday, 05 Jan 2012

Judicial administration

Good news for those contemplating to join the judiciary in Hong Kong. The government announced in September 2011 that it would raise the pay of judges and judicial officers for the 2011-12 fiscal year by 4.2 per cent.

This was the figure recommended by the Standing Committee on Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service and agreed to by the chief executive.

A government spokesman said a basket of factors - approved by the chief executive in May 2008 - had been taken into account when coming up with the recommendation. 

Considered factors included: the recruitment and retention in the judiciary; the unique features of the judicial service, such as security of tenure and the prestigious status of the judicial officers; the retirement age and benefits of judicial officers; and the prohibition against retired judicial officers' return to private practice in Hong Kong. 

Also considered were the cost-of-living adjustments, the general economic situation in Hong Kong, the budgetary situation of the government, private sector pay levels and trends, and public sector pay as a reference. The principle of judicial independence and the position of the judiciary were also noted.

Following the pay adjustments, Geoffrey Ma Tao-li, chief justice of the Court of Final Appeal, earned an additional HK$10,000 a month - or HK$250,000 in total.


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