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Keep up with the corporate world, accurately

Published on Thursday, 08 Dec 2011
Photo: Schroders

William Chan Kwun-wa, a former marketing intern at Schroders, undertook an internship there after winning the Schroders Hong Kong 40th Anniversary Fund Product Development Competition. He talks to Wong Yat-hei.

What is your academic background?
I am a final-year student in insurance, financial and actuarial analysis at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

How did you start your day as an intern?
My main responsibility was ensuring mutual funds and company marketing materials were up to date. I checked my mail, the intranet and the global corporate website for any new facts and figures related to the list of Schroders funds and services available in Hong Kong. I translated new material, and uploaded it on to the company website, or pass them on to other parties for further handling.

What did your job entail?
I worked in the marketing team, providing accurate fund and market information to the public. Such information included continuous updates the latest changes in fund and marketing materials. I also assisted with market research about Schroders funds. In addition, I contributed to roll out the Schroders Asia Investment Conference, which took place in Hong Kong in September.

What were your major challenges? 
Keeping pace with the corporate world, while ensuring accuracy. The colleagues I worked with were very efficient, and it was a real test trying to keep up with their speed while ensuring accuracy and precision in the work I deliver.          

What have you learned about your chosen career? What are your plans?
On my first day of internship at Schroders in Hong Kong, I was introduced to the department heads in the office, and was given the opportunity to talk to each of them to understand more about their functions. I now have a full picture of the Schroders business, and a deeper understanding of the asset management industry. Throughout the internship, I attended various internal trainings that further advanced my knowledge of the fund manager’s role. I am now more familiar with the Hong Kong fund market, and have gained more knowledge on marketing and event-management. Also, good communication skills in an international environment are crucial for a successful career.

Any advice for those who want to enter the insurance industry?
Be open-minded and treasure every chance to learn from your colleagues.  Find ways to unleash your potential.

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