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Keeping students connected

Published on Saturday, 26 Jul 2014
Overseas students (from left) Grace Li, Euchine Ng and Angela Liu say the career fair was a good opportunity to discover further career options in Hong Kong and connect them with local employers.
Photo: Gary Mak

Students studying in Britain say the UK Joint University Hong Kong Informative Career Fair helped them to plan their careers. 

Law student Euchine Ng, who is studying at Cambridge University, appreciated the chance to get connected with companies in Hong Kong. “There are many job fairs in Britain, but those are only for British firms,” she says. “This fair did a great job in uniting Hong Kong students from Britain and linking them with firms in Hong Kong.”

Ng was looking to return to Hong Kong after graduation because the economic boom in Asia presented a brighter prospect. “Studying in Britain, I think the pace there is a little slow. I look forward to starting my career in Hong Kong because the demanding working environment here can help me get prepared,” she says.

“In this competitive job market, I think we are lucky to have a job fair to help us get connected with prospective employers,” she adds. 

Angela Liu, a second-year law student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, is looking to return to Hong Kong after graduation because she is attracted by the opportunities in Asia. She says the fair helped her learn what career options are available.

“In recent years, Hong Kong law firms have hosted job fairs in Britain, so I focused on finding a job in a law firm. At this fair, I learned that compliance departments in banks also present an opportunity for law graduates. I’m glad to find out that I have more options,” she says.

“Studying in Britain is an advantage for me because of my fluency in English and the ability to be a critical thinker,” she adds. “However, being away makes me less connected to the local society and the fair helped me get reconnected to the local job market.” 

Liu says she was impressed by the workshops at the fair. “The speakers are high-flyers from various industries. I find their industry insights very useful and informative – my employability has been enhanced.”

Grace Li, an economics student at Cambridge, was inspired to learn more about opportunities for working in Hong Kong.

“I attended a workshop by PwC, but I am still undecided on whether I will return to Hong Kong to work. But the fair allowed me to get to know more about companies here,” she says. 

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