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The key to acing job your next job interview

Published on Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011

The job interview is perhaps the most important step in the hiring process. Despite their best efforts, candidates often make mistakes at the interview stage that jeopardises their chances of being hired.

Andrew Morris, Managing Director, Greater China, Robert Half International, offers some useful guidance on how to impress prospective employers and maximise your interview success.

Be on time
Arrive on time for your interview, or even better, five minutes early. Arriving late is not only unprofessional, but it also shows a lack of respect for your prospective employer’s schedule. It may also lead prospective employers to question your ability to arrive at work on time—one of the most basic requirements of any job.

Be polite to everyone
Be polite and respectful to everyone you interact with during the hiring process. Some candidates are dismissive of junior or administrative staff. Although these employees are not in charge of hiring decisions, it does not mean they do not have a say.

Be prepared
It is essential to properly prepare for interviews ahead of time. Do not take an ad hoc approach. Research your potential employer and the position you are applying for, so that you come across as interested, informed and proactive at your interview.

Ask relevant questions
Toward the end of the interview, your interviewer will typically ask if you have any questions. Your answer should always be yes, but your questions should be intelligent and relevant. Appropriate questions include, “What are your top priorities for this position?” and, “What does a typical day in this position look like?’ It is premature to discuss salary requirements and benefits at your first interview.

Follow up after the interview
Take the initiative to contact your interviewer within 24 hours of the interview with a brief note to thank him/her and reiterate your interest in the position.


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