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Kick-starting an HR career at the forum

Published on Saturday, 01 Nov 2014
Cosy Wong

Final-year human resources management (HRM) student Cosy Wong hopes to pursue a career that is related to her major.

After visiting the booths of various employers at the Classified Post Career Forum, Wong said she was able to pick up a lot of useful information to help her achieve her ambition.

"It was the first time that I had been to such an event," said Wong, who is studying at Baptist University.

"The forum gave me a lot of information about different employers. I was able to save a lot of time, since I did not have to research them one by one."

She says that an HR assistant's job at Hong Kong Disneyland is at the top of her wish list. "The opening is for a fresh graduate and it matches my desire to do something related to my major," Wong said. "I love theme parks, so having a job there would really be great."

Wong developed an interest in HR after working summer jobs related to the discipline when she was a secondary school student. She believes that gaining practical experience is crucial for moving up in the HRM field.

Unlike many of her friends who are planning to go on working holidays after graduation, Wong wants to start her career as soon as possible. She believes that the current jobs market is quite vibrant and hopes to secure a job within three months of her graduation.

Wong spent some time attending the various conferences at the Career Forum. She found the leadership forum hosted by Virginia Choi of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management and Tamty McGill Consultants International very informative.

"I was able to gain insights into how an interviewer sees a job interview," she said. "I learned that the first impression, eye contact and even your sitting posture can all play a role in whether you get a job offer or not." Stories by Wong Yat-hei

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