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Know where to aim your unsolicited job application when applying for a job in Hong Kong

Question :

Do HR departments generally pay attention to unsolicited applications? Or should unsolicited emails target senior management–for example, the CEO of a company–for a greater impression and improved chances of success? Either way, are there any secrets to making an unsolicited application successful? 

Posted by Mandy Ku on Saturday, 19 Mar 2016

Comments :

An unsolicited application is a proactive way to market yourself and make contact with the company you want to join. To give your application the best chance at success, you should ensure it reaches the right person.

The HR department is often the first target that comes to mind. The sector has evolved over the years – most HR professionals are now more involved in commercial development and have an overview of the company’s plans for the year. Many companies also have a specialised recruitment team, or someone within the department who tracks all available positions within the company.

The biggest advantage gained by sending your application to HR directly is that, if your profile is of relevance, they will be able to assess your suitability for all available roles and refer your profile to departmental heads who might be interested in candidates like you. At the very least, they will keep a record of your profile and contact you when suitable positions arise.

However, as HR departments usually receive hundreds of applications each day, there is a possibility that your application might get lost in a sea of emails, or ignored.

To avoid this, you may want to send your application directly to senior management. It is best to send it to the person who is heading up your desired department, such as the regional director or team manager. If your experience or skill set fulfils the department’s needs, they will likely ask HR to contact you for an interview.

However, if your experience is not relevant, your application will probably be deleted.

In an unsolicited email, it’s most important to make an impression within seconds. Be succinct in your introduction, but mention your current company and role.  

You should have spent time researching the company that you are keen to join, so remember to highlight the value you will be able to add to their business, and any previous experience that is relevant to the company.

For example, if you successfully implemented a software system at your current firm and you know your desired company plans to do the same, make sure that you highlight this in your email.

Last but not least, remember to include your contact details, as well as links to relevant online portfolios and social media platforms.

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