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KPMG seeks 'innovative' employees

Published on Thursday, 22 Jul 2010

As a clear sign of economic recovery, accountancy firm KPMG is seeing an increase in projects in all areas of audit, taxation and advisory. Therefore, the search is on for new recruits to fill a range of vacancies in risk and compliance, corporate finance, performance and technology, transaction and restructuring, and valuation and forensic.

"There is also increased demand for financial risk management," says Margaret So, human resources director responsible for recruitment and resourcing at KPMG China. "We are looking for innovative and entrepreneurial people with the ability to think proactively about clients' business interests." Ideally, she notes, candidates should have relevant work experience and a passion for the profession.

New hires in the area of tax and audit can expect to work with a wide spectrum of top-tier clients. Those joining the advisory function will focus on improving corporate governance, risk management and internal control systems for clients. They will also be responsible for helping clients increase revenue, weigh up strategic investments and build stronger market positions.

"We offer employees very competitive remuneration and benefits with a well-structured, transparent career development plan," So says. "Anyone who joins will have the chance to work with clients in diverse industries and assist them in addressing different kinds of challenges, which is the best way of developing experience and specialist accounting knowledge." 

Job news

  • KPMG welcomes applicants with different backgrounds and skill sets who have gained experience in various industry sectors and professional firms
  • New hires will have the opportunity to handle regional or global projects and to work with international clients


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