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Language a strong foundation

Construction Industry

Job opportunities in the construction industry remain extremely promising, with dozens of construction projects going on in both the public and private sectors. The same thing is also happening in Macau.

Given the fact that all these projects should keep going for at least five years, it is foreseeable that the industry will remain robust and dynamic over the next few years. Young people, therefore, will surely have many opportunities if they want to work in the industry.

In fact, both the public and private sectors are facing manpower shortages. Under these circumstances, salaries are being raised accordingly to attract employees. In some cases, young people who do not have much experience are being given salaries of as much as HK$30,000 a month.

Architects from Hong Kong are also popular among mainland construction companies which are looking for people with a more international perspective. Young people will find that there are far greater opportunities if they are willing to work on the mainland. Hence, they are advised to enhance their language proficiency, especially Mandarin.

Tony Tse Wai-chuen, legislative councillor for the architectural, planning and surveying functional constituency
As told to Chiu Po-sze