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Law unto themselves

Published on Friday, 15 Oct 2010
Photo: CUHK

Legal eagles who want to fly even higher and farther afield can now work on that extra wind beneath their wings. In fact, birds of other feathers can join them.

Chinese University (CUHK) is offering the Juris Doctor (JD) programme for non-law university graduates and the postgraduate certificate in law (PCLL) to equip law students with the skills essential for a career in law.

Individuals who aspire to become lawyers must complete the JD programme, followed by PCLL, before entering either a solicitor-training contract or a barrister pupilage, says Professor Stephen Hall, director of the JD programme at CUHK. He says JD programme students are encouraged to look beyond the contemporary rules of law to the values, purposes and policies underlying them.

The programme is available for full-time or part-time study. About 50 per cent of part-time students are working professionals who have taken up the course to complement their careers.

As these executives already have the generic professional skills, the main emphasis is on legal knowledge and its usefulness in performing their jobs and to their career development, Hall says.

He adds that managers who learn about contract and commercial law can help bring added value to themselves and their companies. And to help its JD graduates, the university offers a clear track for their career development.

Richard Morris, PCLL programme director at CUHK, says the course only accepts holders of bachelor of laws degree or JD graduates, and is entirely career-oriented and skill-focused.

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