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Lawyer courts the idea of a brand new career

Question :

I want to change careers but I’m not sure what to do. I’m from the UK and hold a legal degree and have some solicitor experience from there. I also worked as a compliance manager for eight years at a superannuation firm in Australia. I’m currently having a break and teaching English in Tokyo.

My ideal position would be something with a training or consultancy element to it where I could use my legal knowledge. I am fed up with being a lawyer and being in the corporate financial sector, so I would prefer not to work within a large financial corporation. I am looking for something more casual yet still interesting, preferably in Hong Kong, though I’m also open to other Asian countries. What can I do? 

Posted by Watergreen on Friday, 11 Jan 2013

Comments :

With your background and expertise in UK and Australian laws, it will not be difficult to enter the job market here in Hong Kong.

I suggest you first identify your ideal job profile. Do you like project work? Would you like to be a free agent or would you prefer to work as a full-time employee?

Your letter to headhunters, recruitment agencies or potential employers then needs to answer these questions: What do you want them to know about you? What do you want them to feel about you? What do you want them to do once they have read your letter?

For example, would you like them to know that you are an expert in immigration law? Intellectual property law? Employment law? Would you like them to feel that you are a multi-talented professional in whom they see a cultural fit?

There are several positions I think you may enjoy taking on: mediation trainer or mediator, M&A consultant, outsourcing contract negotiator, business advisory consultant, and, of course, English tutor.

Start connecting with the various chambers and trade organisations and attend their networking functions. Ask them to invite you to speak on a topic which is of interest to their members, for example, what companies need to know about the best practices in managing social media from a legal perspective.

Finding something that you truly enjoy takes a bit of luck, the right timing and hard work. If you follow some of my suggestions above, your chances will be high.

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