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Lead from the front

Published on Friday, 15 Apr 2011

Leadership skills are important for managers, enabling them to direct teams and achieve objectives. The master of science (MSc) in organisational and change management offered by City University's department of management aims to turn supervisors into better bosses. The programme is different from a master of business administration, which offers a broad overview of business and other functional programmes such as a master's degree in accounting and logistics. Students of the MSc programme will learn to guide staff in achieving corporate goals and to resolve interpersonal issues within the team.

"Managers occupy a position between the organisation and the employees, and need to handle their subordinates in a way that can achieve departmental objectives," says programme leader Paul Hempel.

The course is aimed at team leaders and those wishing to brush up management skills. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, at least three years' managerial or supervisory work experience. "We have technical people like engineers who don't need a business overview like an MBA, but want to learn to manage their departments better," Hempel says. "These people are good in their functional areas but want to develop interpersonal and managerial skills needed to be more effective at managing subordinates."

The programme is normally taken part-time for two years, but can be completed within a year if taken full-time. Classes are taught on weekday evenings. 

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