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Learning from the best

The highlight of this year’s HKICPA Career Forum is a panel discussion for guest speakers to share their work experiences with students and show how CPA qualification can prepare them for a successful career. HKICPA president Clement Chan will join the discussion with representatives from the Big Four accounting firms, the Treasury, an international firm, a public utility corporation, M&A experts, and other specialists.

“The CPA profession today is not just for those who prepare books and records, or who do auditing and taxation,” says Mabel Chan, chairman of the Career Forum Advisory Panel and moderator of the panel discussion. “There are a lot of opportunities out there; CPAs can now branch out into a wide variety of careers.” 

Chan describes this year’s speakers as “people who started in accounting or auditing, but eventually chose to specialise in what they like to do and are now very successful.” 

Workshops will provide information to students on lesser-known career streams, such as financial advisory services, forensic accounting and insolvency. “Many students may not understand what financial advisory is all about, so we’ve invited the executive director at EY advisory services and a partner at Deloitte to share their experiences in this area,” says Chan, who is also the founding partner of Mabel Chan & Co.

A senior adviser of business recovery services at PwC will also share his expertise. “This is an exciting career option, because liquidation is about distribution of money. Skilful, decisive accountants are needed in this sphere.” 

An associate director of forensic services at PwC and a partner at KPMG will talk about forensics, an emerging specialist stream. “Rising cross-border investments are spurring the growth of forensic services because of higher risks and greater opportunities for fraud,” Chan says. 

The Institute also invited the CEO and head of corporate services for China and Hong Kong at Tricor Services to explain the career opportunities, qualifications required and duties of a company secretary. 

Selected students will also gain the opportunity to experience the work life of a CPA via the HKICPA’s Shadow CPA Programme.