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Local infrastructure boom is creating new openings

Published on Friday, 19 Mar 2010
Fergal Whyte
Director of Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong

Everywhere you look, Hong Kong's infrastructure is being developed. A huge new bridge will reach across towards Zhuhai. More places will soon be linked to the MTR and a high-speed train will rush up to the mainland. These projects are creating new job opportunities for people with construction skills.

Engineering consultancy company Ove Arup is working on many of these projects. It is now looking for site staff and tunnel engineers for continuing projects, and is seeking new professionals. A harbour treatment scheme beginning later this year will require the company to take on more than 100 new staff. "We've had such a boom in infrastructure in the last two years," says Fergal Whyte, director of Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong.

Whyte says people joining the company will immediately be involved in some of the most exciting projects in the region, producing complex designs and communicating with clients.

Since many of these projects are multidisciplinary in nature, he says employees need to be good at working as part of a team.

"The complexity of projects we have in Hong Kong means it's vital that the individual has good communication skills and awareness of what's going on around him," Whyte says.

"Without that it's very difficult to get a good integrated, co-ordinated approach to projects."

Strong design ability is also important, Whyte says. This means not only good qualifications but also solid experience working on projects after graduation and a real passion for  the work.

"The ability to continue learning and applying what you've learned to projects is key," he says.

"And so are people who are engaged and enjoy what they are doing."

He says that these qualities will allow people to fit into a large company, explore new ideas and take on new challenges. And, with Hong Kong's infrastructure developing at such a blistering pace, there are plenty of these challenges out there.

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