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Looking to return to IT

Question :

I was working in a reputed IT company for 2yrs, however took a break to make my career in Civil Services got selected at state level  but couldn't make it to IAS
now i am planning to return to IT.

Please guide on how can i describe my this career gap in the Interviews.

Posted by Sandy on Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013

Comments :

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Sunday 15th September 2013 03:26:00 AM


Dear Sandy It is not uncommon that people change careers at some stage of their working life. Nowadays, it is more acceptable for employers to hire someone who has had a variety of jobs. In fact, most employers prefer people who have a mix of general and specialist skill set. In your case, having an IT background plus a span of other industries actually would be perceived as an advantage. So, I am not too worried about the gap. More importantly, it is about what you learnt while you were in the civil services sector. How does this learning experience apply to your next post? Why did you want to join the civil services in the first place? What if you had made it, would you have stayed? The answers to these questions will give you some insight on identifying what really excites you. You need to be upfront with yourself. In other words, what is your true north? Should you decide to go back to the IT industry, you would need to catch up on your IT skills and get up to speed on the technology trends and development. Your first step would be to identify your ideal employer. Use the career gap as a differentiator rather than a hindrance. This would be the perfect chance to market yourself and you need to prepare for it. Should you be granted an interview, it would mean that this strategy is working. It goes without saying that you should understand the role that you have applied for. During the interview, when questions are raised about this career gap, being honest and upfront is always the best approach. Tell your interviewer about your experience in your last job, if you happened to be an end user of IT, then you can add credibility by sharing this with the interviewer on how IT could add value to the business. In addition, you should also try to articulate the linkage between what you did and what this current job offers. Sandy, think about success and not failure, confidence and not uncertainty. I remember someone gave me a formula to success as simple as ABC; Have positive ‘awareness’ of your competences and goals, ‘belief’ in your capabilities and experience and ‘committed’ to continuous learning. I wish you all the best in your next career adventure.

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