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Master IT at HKU

Published on Friday, 21 Jan 2011
Photo: Edmond So

The University of Hong Kong's faculty of education is offering a master of science degree in information technology in education to keep teaching professionals up to date with its use.

It is suitable for school principals, teachers, multimedia designers, publishers and other professionals. It offers three strands - e-leadership, e-learning and technology design.

Daniel Churchill, the programme director, believes education and technology must develop hand in hand. "School managements are able to benefit from e-leadership, which focuses on leadership skills using technology in a school. Teachers learn to develop an e-learning environment from the e-learning strand and publishers in the education sector receive training to develop teaching materials such as e-book, online teaching aids and podcasts," he says.

The course, delivered through face-to face lectures supplemented by an e-learning environment, is offered one year, full-time or from two to four years part-time. Classes are generally held on weekday evenings. Applicants, who should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications, may be required to sit a qualifying examination.

Andrew Ip, a student on the course, works as an information and communications technology manager at an international school. He has a bachelor of applied science degree in computer technology.

"I would like to get involved with curriculum design. I am hoping to work in the area of a learning technologist, who can bring technology into learning and teaching," he says.

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