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Mobile staff always in fashion

Published on Friday, 22 Mar 2013

Garments and Textiles

The role of Hong Kong as a garments and textiles centre is changing. In the past, it used to be a manufacturing centre. Now, however, there is more emphasis on marketing and merchandising. This means job prospects in the industry remain positive and young people who have studied textiles will not find it too difficult to find employment after graduating.

Previously, manufacturers had their clothes produced in China because labour was comparatively cheap. This is not the case anymore. Labour costs are now significantly lower in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. More and more manufacturers are moving their factories to these countries, so if young people want to have a long career in the industry, they should be prepared to work in places other than Hong Kong.

To be successful in the industry, young people should posses both soft skills, such as interpersonal and language skills, and some hard technical skills, such as weaving and dyeing. If they are willing to put the effort in to learn these hard skills, they will certainly have more opportunities in the industry.

Kelvin Cheuk, chairman, Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel
As told to Chiu Po-sze

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