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Name of The Game

Executives are set to pit their wits in the knockout contest that sharpens their skills

The Hong Kong Management Game 2013, organised by the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) and sponsored by Cathay Pacific and Stelux Holdings International, is a knock-out competition of regional renown.

Teams of executives endeavour to outwit each other in making crucial management decisions, to come out ahead in a realistically arranged business scenario. Each team faces the same real-life business conditions, and has to use their business acumen, leadership skills and commercial expertise to increase market share, enhance profitability – and, ultimately, prevail over the competition.

Participating teams require the ability to make consistently sound business decisions on finance, production, investment and marketing – and make these decisions amid skittish and volatile conditions.

 “The Game” has been constantly updated and improved year-on-year. And, according to HKMA spokesman Glover Chan: “This year, the game’s designers have added elements to the challenges that have never been faced before. Participants will be able to use a tailor-made computer program to try out different business strategies, and also record their decisions.”

Last year Tony Wong Luen-tung competed under the team name Modern Youth Alliance Association to beat the other four finalist teams to the HK$5,000 cash prize and a round-trip air-ticket to Singapore.

This realistic simulation is more than just a game – it also has serious training objectives. Over the years – the upcoming annual event is the 42nd, no less – the competition has developed into one of the most sophisticated and challenging computer-simulated management training exercises presented anywhere in the world.

Therefore the Hong Kong Management Game has proved to be an engaging and efficient tool in management schooling. And every year, an average of more than 60 companies and organisations enter in order to supplement the formal training of their executives.

Enrollment for this year’s game has been brisk thus far, and with many more companies expected to enroll in coming days. Among the companies that have recently enrolled are: Hong Kong China Gas Company, Wharf TNT, and the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

Chan explains that the benefits of the multi-faceted exercise are numerous. “Managers can tackle to the issues raised during the Game without fear of ‘failure’. The game serves to illustrate how all the constituent parts of a company need to act in unison if optimum results are to be attained. Therefore, the value of teamwork is emphasised. The game also encourages the exchange of ideas and experience between players. And the exercise demonstrates that if resources are to be used most efficiently, teams need to form strategic plans, not take isolated random decisions. This involves the ability to foresee the consequences of intended actions.”

One remarkable feature of the game is that it unfolds online and is played by e-mail. In each round, small teams are formed, with each group competing in a self-contained contest over a specified number of accounting periods. All rounds, except for the Hong Kong Final, are played by correspondence. Team submit their decisions by e-mail once a week, and in accordance with the schedule. The Hong Kong Final is due to take place on July 27.


• Four round-trip air tickets to Singapore
South China Morning Post Perpetual Trophy
• Cash prize of HK$5,000

First Runner-up
• Cash prize of HK$3,000

Second Runner-up
• Cash prize of HK$2,000

Registration deadline May 30
Inquiries 2774 8550
Fee per team* HK$980

*The special fee for full-time university students is HK$380 per team. To be eligible, all team members must attach their university student cards upon registration.