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New system opens doors at Lingnan

Published on Friday, 14 May 2010
Lingnan University is already recruiting extra staff for the "3-3-4" system.

Hong Kong's new "3-3-4" system, which comes into effect in 2012,  will see the introduction of four-year, first degree programmes for students moving on to tertiary education.

This involves a substantial redesign of courses, but local universities already have plans in place to restructure curricula and hire additional staff for new core courses. They are also prepared for the expanded workload.

"It is not only a new era, but also an unprecedented opportunity for academic staff to meet new challenges and advance their careers," says a spokesman for Lingnan University, which specialises in liberal arts courses.

"We are committed to the provision of quality teaching  and the promotion of whole-person education."

To this end, the university began appointing adjunct academic staff last year and sought to strengthen collaboration with professors and researchers with distinct areas of specialisation.

A priority is to recruit full-time academic staff with various levels of experience. Specifically, the search is on for teaching fellows, language instructors, assistant and associate professors, and full professors in a range of disciplines.

There may also be openings as chair professors for candidates who have an international reputation in research, substantial teaching experience, and the ability to provide leadership in dealing with the administration and management of a department.

For other roles, depending on relative seniority, applicants are expected to have a master's or doctoral degree and at least four years' relevant experience, including course development.

In some disciplines, such as accountancy, candidates should also hold specific professional qualifications and, preferably,  have spent some time working in the industry.

"Academic staff are expected to engage in teaching, research and other scholarly activities," the spokesman says.

"They must also provide student consultations and contribute to the department, programme and university activities."

Successful candidates  can look forward to a competitive remuneration  package with benefits that include conference and research leave, housing allowances and a gratuity.

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