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Ngong Ping 360

Effective human resources practices are an integral part of the management system which enables the award's first runner-up, Ngong Ping 360, to tackle different challenges.

The cable-car incident in 2007, which generated intense media attention, was a very challenging time for the company.

"It was a situation with great uncertainty for our future operation. We needed to rebuild our corporate culture to uplift staff morale," says Bonnie Lau, head of human resources.

Employees were faced with the uncertainty of a service suspension after the incident, but they remained committed to the company thanks to its well-developed people management strategies. "We set a clear direction to tackle this challenge through building a workplace that the employees are proud of," she says. The company encourages a strong team spirit to achieve its goals. "We also motivate our staff to create pride. This was vital to sustain their confidence in the company and further enhance their competence when we are tackling different challenges."

Under the initiative of building a culture of "Creating Pride", the cable-car company constantly develops and engages its employees, and encourages them to initiate ideas.

"To build local technical expertise in the operation of a unique world-class cable-car system, we have developed courses in-house to train qualified and licensed technicians and operators," Lau says. "The operation of the system is in strict compliance with the regulations in Hong Kong."

Staff members are motivated  to volunteer suggestions for  sustainable improvements in the operation under the scheme.

The programme also engages employees at all levels to work together to make improvements.