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Our company is currently implementing lots of HR policies aimed at boosting morale and driving so called 'employee engagement'. They are getting us to go on team building exercises and planning a huge end of year xmas bash and other wasteful events which cost way more than it should. Why can't they just use this money for raises or to hire more staff? That's why so many people have left!! It seems like such a waste and not everyone would like to spend their free time socialising with their colleagues especially since our firm is well known for the long hours we clock in. But what can we do?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 23 Oct 2013

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Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Friday 8th November 2013 03:00:00 AM


Employee engagement and retention of staff are very important and many successful companies have excellent strategies in these areas. It is also important to remember that different people are motivated and engaged by different things and therefore there isn't always a one size fits all strategy that would please everyone. But with that said, every company needs to strike the right balance when it comes to implementing strategies that would work for the majority and also be in the interest of the organisation. In relation to using this money for pay rises and hiring more staff this depends on the size of the company. If you are working in medium to large company I don't believe the events you mentioned will go very far in providing pay rises for all staff. You also suggest hiring more staff and maybe this is something that the company needs to review, given you mention that you all work long hours. There are many factors that go into the decision to hire staff. Generally in most sectors hiring the right talent into a business takes time and there may be many other valid reasons why the company is not recruiting more people. I would recommend that you talk to your manager regarding some of the issues that you have raised. If you are going to have this discussion then ensure you do this in the correct forum (one on one meeting is recommended) and that you ask the questions in the right way. By asking questions and understanding why management are not hiring more staff and why they are spending money on events instead will help ensure you have more information and hopefully gain an insight into how the management thinks. The way you approach this meeting will depend on your working relationship with your managers and the type of person they are. As you bring up the subject, remember to sound appreciative of the efforts that the company is putting in so that you don't come across as complaining and hard to please. Finally, I believe you should try and focus on the positive aspects of your company and work.

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