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Nothing I do is to my bosses' liking

Question :

I'm having a really hard time at work and at a complete loss as to what I should do. My boss hates everything I prepare and it's just not good enough. I do try to give it my best before I submit my proposals but everything is rejected. I'm trying not to take it personally especially since I've never had this problem with previous bosses and always received glowing reviews from them. However I really am starting to wonder how I can continue to work in such a situation.

Posted by Help! on Thursday, 17 Apr 2014

Comments :

By the time you see this response, you may have already left the job. It seems that he is your new boss, it is not clear to me if you have joined a new company. In any case, let us explore ways to resolve this. In a work environment, we have to accept that we have our own views and work styles that may conflict with others. It sounds like your new boss doesn’t like your output and both of you have neither found a common ground nor clarified expectations before moving forward. So this goes through a vicious cycle. First, you need to find an opportunity to have a one on one meeting with your boss. Tell him about the purpose of the meeting and ask for at least an hour of undisrupted time to discuss the issue. During the meeting, you seek to understand his actions and reason for rejecting your deliverables. Be as specific as possible and spend time to actively listen to his explanation and hopefully you will get some clarity. If both of you found a way to improve the situation, that would be an excellent outcome. However, if you found out this problem is caused by a personality clash, it is trickier. Then one of you will have to go. May it be a transfer to other project or leave the company? And it is unlikely that it will be your boss. In this case, you need to ask yourself this question: Why should I continue if I am going to be unhappy at work? The other option is to seek advice from your HR Department. Most companies have corporate values or principles that say similar things such as “Treating people with respect” or “We value diversity” etc. Before you meet up with HR, it is important that you have done your homework and be ready to show examples of outputs that were rejected by your boss. After all of the above, if the situation still has not improved. Do remember jobs come and go every day, and there are thousands of vacancies in the job market. We spend one third of our life at work and we deserve to be happy and more importantly, to be a contributor who makes a difference. At the end of the day, this incident will only help you become a stronger person. Good luck!

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