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Published on Friday, 04 Jun 2010
Photo: Xinhua

In association with the University of Ulster in Britain, the University of Hong Kong's School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU Space) offers a master of science degree in human nutrition and dietetics to update professionals and dieticians on the latest developments.

"The course provides students with the opportunity to extend their knowledge and critical skills in human nutrition and dietetics," says Tan-Un Kian Cheng, senior programme director for food and nutritional sciences/dietetics at HKU Space. "They are taught to apply such skills and techniques to the resolution of nutritional problems, and to practise dietetics in hospitals and community settings."

The programme is designed for graduates, who wish to pursue a career in human nutrition, and professionals in the sector seeking to upgrade their knowledge.

Registered nutrition professionals and dieticians, who want to enhance their knowledge, must complete a one year, part-time postgraduate diploma in human nutrition, and then move on to the master's research programme, which requires students to attend placements in clinics and write reports. Students can complete the degree full-time, which takes four months, or part-time in 12 months.

Shumann Au, a course graduate, works as a clinical dietician in a public hospital. Her passion for food drove her to do the course. "At first, I chose dietetics because I enjoy eating and interacting with people," she says. "The more I studied, the more I felt interested in this area. I did not want to stop after completing my bachelor's degree in agricultural science. This master's degree is a golden opportunity to extend my knowledge."

Au says the postgraduate diploma "builds a solid foundation to pursue the postgraduate diploma in dietetics, which consists of a full-time, 28-week clinical placement in hospitals".

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