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Outsource your CV

Published on Saturday, 24 Jan 2015
Christine Wright

As recruiters, we review hundreds of CVs and cover letters every week. Some of them need work to effectively sell the skills and experience of the candidate, while others perfectly encapsulate all that makes the candidate a strong contender for the role.

Both the former and the latter can be created by a professional writer, which begs the question - why outsource? In our experience, it comes down to the amount of time you have to dedicate to the task and your ability to sell your experience and skills on paper.

One candidate told us that using a freelance writer was the best money he had ever spent. To apply for his ideal job he was required to address a lengthy selection criteria, and as a busy senior-level professional, he lacked the time to dedicate to the task. So he engaged a freelancer to write it for him. The result? He was successful in obtaining an interview, and ultimately the job.

So for professionals with time restrictions, outsourcing your CV and cover letter can be an advantage.

But the danger of this approach lies in making sure the result accurately reflects your skills and experience. If you fail to properly brief the writer, or they do not understand your unique abilities, you may not recognise yourself in your CV or cover letter.

It is also possible to trip up in the interview if you are not familiar with all aspects of your application. So if you do decide to use a freelance writer, find time to review the CV and cover letter thoroughly before submitting them, and again before your interview.

You don't want to lose out on the job because you don't know the finer details of your cover letter, or which experiences were used to show how you suit the role.

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