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Passion and enthusiasm top the agenda

Published on Thursday, 16 Dec 2010

To support business development and groom future leaders, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong is recruiting for its management associates programme next year.

The company is looking for self-motivated, energetic people who can perform well under pressure and have no more than a year's work experience elsewhere.

"We need candidates who are passionate and enthusiastic about working for Sony," says Athena Ngai, senior manager for human resources, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong. "We expect these people to be analytical and result-oriented."

During the 27-month training period, new associates will have the chance to gain comprehensive exposure to the company's business operations and learn about its development plans. They will receive classroom training, be assigned to different departments, and have hands-on involvement in a variety of projects and assignments.

Sony also provides opportunities to work in group offices overseas. This helps to hone business skills, broaden knowledge, and gives invaluable international exposure.

"Applicants should have a good general understanding of our company and the business environment in which we operate," Ngai says. "They should be willing to learn and take every opportunity to do so, especially when encountering difficulties and challenges at work."Jan Chan

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