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Question :


I hold a 2:2 qualification law degree from the UK and considering to study a PCLL in Hong Kong. And my questions are as fellow:

1)How competitive it is to apply for PCLL in Hong Kong institutions?

2)I have legal experience in both England and Hong Kong , can I add this on my applications?

3)Any differences of the structure or the quality of the course in those institutions?

4) Are there any paralegal course provided in Hong Kong?

Many Thanks.

Posted by tang on Tuesday, 25 Sep 2012

Comments :

Christopher Aukland - Career Doctor

Posted Friday 19th October 2012 10:13:00 PM


Generally it is quite competitive to secure a position in the PCLL program as a 2:1 qualification is required. However, if you already have a training contract, then there may be discretion shed upon the application. In your application, you should definitely include all work experience that is relevant to the legal sector, whether it has been gained overseas or locally, as it demonstrates the broad scope of your experience and exposure to legal work. In relation to the nature of the PCLL program, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom operate with a similar legal system so the courses for law degrees would be very similar. One difference is that a Bachelor of Law currently takes four years to complete in Hong Kong, rather than three. There is also no PCLL course in the United Kingdom and as a result, there would be no comparison. Lastly, there are no paralegal courses available in Hong Kong. Best of luck with your application and if you have any further questions, please leave a comment below.

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