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Perfect place, bullish future

Published on Friday, 12 Jul 2013

Information Technology

Students generally don't find it too difficult to find a job in IT after they graduate; the industry in Hong Kong remains highly robust. One of the main reasons is that new models of popular electronic products, such as the iPhone, are repeatedly launched here to great reception. When there is a new product, there is a new platform for writing apps, which means more job opportunities for youngsters.

Talented IT staff in Hong Kong are also often targeted by overseas companies who want to hire people here to help them exploit the massive mainland market.

The free flow of information and the legal system in Hong Kong are other reasons why the IT industry here is so robust. Because Hong Kong takes intellectual-property issues seriously, companies do not have to worry that their new IT inventions will be plagiarised. The city therefore creates a perfect environment for companies to develop their businesses.

Feeling at ease to develop their businesses, companies will continue to hire. Hence, prospects for the Hong Kong IT industry should remain positive.

Professor Wong Kam-fai, associate dean (external affairs), Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
As told to Chiu Po-sze

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