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PhD is hindering career change

Question :

I have just finished my PhD. degree in 2013 and now still working as R.A. 

However, I found it is not security and I am willing to work in academia. It is necessary for me to leave this environment ASAP. At the same time, I discovered my interests, which sounds ridiculous and without any relationship to my "professional". I am digging in fashion and beauty industry. I would like to change my career into relative industry, eg. luxury retail sales, after the contract expiry. I am going to study professional makeup. I know it sounds crazy. I don't mind to give up my "professional" and have a new start. 

I try to search for a position. Lacking in relative experience and over-educated are the fatal flaws. Could anybody give me some suggestions, please?

Posted by Alice on Sunday, 09 Feb 2014

Comments :

To determine if it's a problem to be over educated depends on the type of role that someone is looking to move their career to. There are many benefits of undertaking additional education and sometimes this is for personal and / or work purposes. There are a number of aspects that we need look at to answer this question. The first is to understand why some employers find it a concern when a particular applicant is deemed over qualified in terms of education. When an employer is looking at recruiting a person into a business, many employers want to ensure the person is committed to the job, will be challenged, able to grow professionally, and to stay with the company for a long period of time. Employers naturally feel concerned when a prospective employee is over qualified for a role or has an education that is well beyond what the role requires because the person might get bored with the role and will leave when they secure a role that is more suited to their educational level. It is important that you can demonstrate a real interest in the fashion / makeup retail area. Studying professional makeup is a good start, as this will send a clear message to your prospective employers that you are really serious and passionate about it. Additionally, you need to think how you are going to respond to interview questions around the reason for your move. I would always recommend that you be honest and upfront about why you want to make the change and make sure you really demonstrate your passion for the new sector. When you are interviewing, you can tell if someone is really passionate for a role, so demonstrating this will help you secure a role in the fashion and makeup product retail areas. Finally make sure you work out which companies you want to target. Once you have worked this out, then you should use a combination of approaches including approaching the company directly, engaging with a specialist recruitment firm in the fashion / retail sector and network with people that you might already know in the industry.

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